Enjoy the inspiration behind the song below.

Song Inspiration


I wanted to hear songs about black women that were empowering, uplifting, and beautiful. I couldn’t find what I was looking for on the radio or in music stores, so I decided to write about the different shades of black women. It was a natural choice writing about the beautiful shades of women. I really enjoyed writing this song.
Dark Skin
Brown Skin
Light Skin


A friend asked me to sing at a graduation, and I accepted. The graduation was 2 weeks away, and I had no songs or material that were relative or fitting for a graduation. I had never written a song in two weeks, so I got unsure about finishing the song in time for the event. I almost panicked because I didn’t even know where to start with it. Then it came to me, write about the different things that a person has to change about her or himself in order to reach higher in life.

Change Your Mindset

Ready To Face & Conquer Obstacles & Challenges

Stop Making Excuses

Adopt & Practice Productive Behaviors

Change Your Company

Stop Dreaming About It & Start Doing It

Continually Motivate Oneself


Everyone has something unique about them, something interesting and slightly (if not completely) different from any other human being. No two human beings are the same. Everyone has talents that are unique. It can be their communication skills, math skills, good with kids, technically astute, cooks well, building things with their hands, funny, etc. Us being different is what makes us and life interesting. I started writing “I Am Me” in the basement of my aunt’s house. I was talking with my cousin’s daughter (she sings), and decided to write a song for she and I to sing together. The first four lines came instantly, and I liked them a lot, so I figured that I'd just repeat them, and go on from there. We don’t have to compare ourselves with others because of the greatness that each of us possess.


I was walking to meet a fitness client 7:00 in the morning and it was 65 degrees, and sunny with a breeze. I beamed with joy upon acknowledgement of such blissful weather. I sang to myself “It's a nice day today...yea yeah yea yeah."

“It's better than yesterday...yea yeah yea yeah”

I then recorded it in my iPhone so that I wouldn’t forget it. I visited the recording a month later intending to start writing the song. No ideas came to me. I went back to it 3 months later, then 6 months later and still couldn’t find anything to put on the paper. I told myself that nothing would come of it, and that no song was there. I decided to delete the recording of the snippet. But I told myself that the recording wasn’t doing any harm ¬ being stored in my phone. After about nine months I revisited the song, and ideas came to me. I had to write about the things in life that soothe us and make us so happy, but go so unnoticed or minimally acknowledged by most. The Abundance Of Life.


I used to look at the ancestors of my black race, and would mostly associate them with being oppressed, subservient, not equal to others, enslaved ¬ and this was my whole truth for so long. I didn’t feel good about this. When one looks back in history, one wants to acknowledge triumph and greatness in the experiences of her or his ancestors. I decided to do something about it and I did some research on some black people in history that were courageous and defied the order of their time.

They saw themselves and the black race as great. They rose way above and beyond, and some risk their lives for what they believed in. It was so empowering and humbling to read and learn of the great feats that these incredible people accomplished in the times that they did. Compared to their lives, my life is easy, and I have no complaints or any excuses, just do my best.

Mission Nutrition

I met a lady named Juliette Tahar (now my friend) that was very passionate about teaching people the importance of healthy eating and healthy living, and she would teach in underserved areas in the city. She was giving these incredible nutrition/healthy food preparation workshops in neighborhoods that most people would be intimidated to go into.

These same workshops given in more affluent areas would cost a lot of money.

I was so moved by her passion to teach and enlighten people how to create and live healthy lives that it inspired me to write a song to remind people to do their best at living healthfully, and happily.